Single Antler Necklace

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45cm Chain

Bullet :-  Your Choice of .223, .40S&W, .308, .270 or 9mm. Please leave your choice in the notes at checkout. if you have a special request please also leave that at checkout and we will see what we are able to accommodate.

Please note we are not able to always cater to the “brand” such as Winchester or Sako Etc. as we cater to the caliber more then the brand . please keep this in mind when ordering.  If there is something you have your heart set on please contact us and we can do our best to fill your request.

All bullet slices are from spent/used ammunition meaning they are likely to have scratches/ indentations from firing. While this changes the bullet shape/dimension after firing, we try our best to pair cases similar for earrings and cuff links.

Our products are fashionable accessories and are not an everyday wear item. Best not worn in water as a build-up of soap or dirt will deteriorate the item over time. – Full care instruction are sent with your item & can also be found on our website under Care Information.

Warranty is 60days and as casings change, I may not be able to replace the exact item but will offer something similar. Warranty covers the general make of the item. It does not cover item hooking or breaking of chains, bracelets, bangles, hair pieces etc. water use or loss of backings from earrings. full warranty information and how to claim can be found under the warranty section on our website

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