Brass Types & Helping you decide

What Slice & Colour do i want?

we understand that not everyone understands the size caliber they are choosing when it comes to our jewelry so we have put together this quick little guide with photos to help you make a choice when it comes to choosing the slice or slices for your jewelry! 

What Size Slice do I want?

here are some of the popular calibers we normally have in stock so you can see what size you like. most of our earrings are in .40s&w, 9mm, .223 & .308 but can be 100% customised. 

Primmed or Unprimmed? 

The next question is do you want to add a Swarovski or opal or any other stone? then unprimmed is for you! this allows us to set a stone of your choice. otherwise we can do primed. this is when the spent primmer is left in as part of the earring or slice. 

Brass or Nickle?

some of the brass we stock comes with the option of nickle. nickle makes the earring look like silver. please talk to us about what we have in nickle as it can be very limited. 

Colour Choices –  Swarovski Crystals

currently we carry a large range of Swarovski crystals that can be set. please see the colour selection here:-